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Dinner & Dissection


Dinner & Dissection is now celebrating 7 years of sell out live shows across the UK. Each year we approach the human body from a different perspective and 2022 will see us look at human anatomy through the lens of Victorian Medicine. Sam Piri is a highly respected outstanding teacher, holds a PGCE, Qualified Teacher Status awarded from Manchester University the highest teaching qualification in the UK, is a former lecturer and lead teacher in teacher training. Sam has over 10 years’ experience in devising and improving education in settings UK wide. Sam produces our live events in conjunction with experts in the their field and successfully markets them to audiences from a spectrum of backgrounds, some academic, some not. The reason our events are so popular is that they bring the magic of learning alive in a way that isn’t achieved in more formal setting. Each year we procure services to schools, colleges, universities and NHS Trusts UK wide which are rebooked year on year. We are firm in the belief that we are the best at what we do. We recognise that the concept of dissection is one that may be decisive and appreciate it is not for everybody. We fail to see how anybody can comment on the quality or content of our live events without attending one. 


The human body is an incredible machine, we approach the study of it using the scientific method, the same methodology that produces non-stick frying pans, makes aeroplanes fly and puts a man on the moon. Science does not discriminate on age, race, gender, sexuality or disability and neither do we, together we all share a human body. By exploring our differences we contribute to a more diverse and enriched society. 


Human history is littered with stories of love and hate, opinion divides us but education unites us.


We are very much looking forward to another successful live tour in 2022 where we will explore the legacy of times gone by on today’s medical advancements

As an employer we value the work of our highly skilled academic team, our staff and customers should not be subject to torment, abuse or trolling both in person and in the digital space. We do not work with, respond to or provide commentary to any person or journalist that engages in the above behaviours, irrespective of whom they work for or represent. 


Tickets include a 2-course meal along with the dissection of a variety of anatomical specimens as part of the live show and can be purchased at

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